<h2>91 Charter Mountain Lane</h2><br>
	Garden Valley, ID - 83622<br>
	<a href='propertydetails.cfm?searchType=mlsnumber&mlsid=98784489'><div class='buttons'>Click To View</div></a> <h2>20 & 26 & Lot 3 Freedom Ranch Rd</h2><br>
	Garden Valley, ID - 83622<br>
	<a href='propertydetails.cfm?searchType=mlsnumber&mlsid=98759258'><div class='buttons'>Click To View</div></a> <h2>20 & 26 Freedom Ranch Rd</h2><br>
	Garden Valley, ID - 83622<br>
	<a href='propertydetails.cfm?searchType=mlsnumber&mlsid=98759256'><div class='buttons'>Click To View</div></a> <h2>26 Freedom Ranch Rd</h2><br>
	Garden Valley, ID - 83622<br>
	<a href='propertydetails.cfm?searchType=mlsnumber&mlsid=98757231'><div class='buttons'>Click To View</div></a>
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Garden Valley Idaho
Just an hour north of Boise, Garden Valley lies in a valley formed by the confluence of the South and Middle Forks of the Payette River. Here you’ll find the leisurely pace and friendliness of a small mountain town, and some of southwestern Idaho’s most prestigious housing subdivisions.
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Making Your Home Office Work

home officeIn recent months, with the rise of the corona virus here in America working from home has become an immediate reality for a lot of people; many more are considering it as an option the longer things go on. It can be hard to find the headspace to work at home without an actual physical space to do so, but it can be done! We’ve put together some ideas for carving out a workspace in your home office to help.

Backyard Boutique
Most people forget about outside of their home when they’re thinking about available space. With bluetooth and wifi readily available these days there’s no reason you can’t set up outside on your patio for the perfect outside office. Some say working outdoors in the sunshine can even improve creativity. There are even ready-built modular room systems


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